What are the Signs of Water Damage in a Home?

Learn about common signs of water damage in your home and how ServiceMaster Restore can help with professional water damage remediation.

What are the Signs of Water Damage in a Home?

Stains and slight color discolorations that appear on the wall, floor or ceiling for no apparent reason are most likely due to undetected water leakage on the ceiling or walls.

Water damage

behind walls is not always invisible. What might look like a dirty stain could be a stain caused by a leaking pipe. Look for other telltale signs, such as blister paint, peeling wallpaper, and fine cracks in drywall.

Discoloration is one of the first signs of water damage. Water spots and spots may look damp or dry and may be brown, yellow, or copper in color. They can occur anywhere on the roof. Water damage is unfortunate when it occurs in a home and it is often difficult to see what is causing the damage or what is happening.

However, there are signs that you can detect water damage to the walls. These are damp or dark spots, cracks, bubbles, peeling, musty, moldy or musty smell, to name a few. Unless your bathtub is a single molded unit, it is very likely that the putty between the tub and the environment will one day fail, allowing water to leak out and damage the wood studs and frame materials. Subsurface water damage can occur when a pipe breaks or breaks, or when a flood occurs after a storm or natural disaster.

During severe storms, water can accumulate around the house and cause gradual water damage to the basement. Dishwashers are sealed to keep water inside the tub, but leaks can occur at the joints of the water supply line that goes to the dishwasher or in the drain line below. When conducting home inspections in McDonough, Georgia, it's important to be on the lookout for watermarks and water leaks. While water damage to walls and ceilings can sometimes be obvious, it's very easy to miss other signs.

Water damage could occur if the drywall or paint on the ceiling or walls starts to crack, bubble, or peel. Not only is your home susceptible to structural damage, but mold can start to grow quickly if there has been water damage. It's important to be aware of the signs of water damage in your home so you can take action quickly if needed. According to III, approximately one in 50 insured households has a claim for property damage caused by water damage or freezing each year.

When your owner's intuition starts to sound the alarm, start looking for these ten early signs of water damage: damp or dark spots, cracks, bubbles, peeling paint/wallpaper, musty/moldy smell, discoloration of walls/ceilings/floors/carpets/furniture/appliances/clothing/fabrics etc., warping of wood floors/furniture/cabinets etc., bubbling paint/wallpaper/ceiling tiles etc., standing water in basement/crawl space etc., and wet insulation in walls/attic etc. Knowing these signs can help you find a problem before it gets out of control or is too expensive to fix. If you discover water damage in your home, rely on ServiceMaster Restore's professional water damage remediation teams.

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