How to Restore Water Damaged Items

When your home has been flooded or experienced other forms of water damage, it's important to know how best to restore your items. Learn expert tips on how to clean up after a flood.

How to Restore Water Damaged Items

When water invades your home, the damage can be swift and brutal. Mold growth and food contamination are two major concerns. Your first step should be to pick up the phone and call your insurance agent and report water damage. The best case scenario is to do it within 24 hours. Clean and disinfect the washing machine using a full cycle with bleach, hot water and detergent.

Use a garden hose to rinse mud and debris from water-damaged fabrics. Run textiles through a pre-wash cycle with cold water and heavy-duty detergent. If your washing machine is not damaged, you may be able to restore slightly damaged clothing by washing it in hot water. Add bleach or another disinfectant, such as pine oil, to remove mold. Your insurance agent should be able to refer you to a contractor with experience in mold repair and removal.

Your home and furniture are less likely to grow mold if they dry out within 48 hours, so immediate attention is a must.

Serious water damage

definitely requires the help of external specialists. And some difficult decisions may have to be made as to which items can be rescued and cleaned and which items should be disposed of. Once a flood incident occurs and kitchen items have been exposed to flood waters, it is important to know which kitchen items should be disposed of and which can continue to be used after disinfecting and disinfecting them. Water restoration professionals have a lot of experience assessing water damage, which means they can help you determine what items they could restore.

Until your local water company, utility or public health department declares that your water source is safe, purify the water, not only for drinking and cooking, but also for washing any part of the body or dishes. When water occurs in the form of flooding, it can cause serious water damage to pants, shirts, dresses and uniforms. To clean up water damage, absorb as much water as possible and then clean and disinfect walls, floors, and furniture. Once these important issues are resolved, you can begin with cleaning up water damage and restoring floods. We contain the water to prevent further damage, we extract water and excess moisture, and thoroughly dry the materials and affected areas. If your items have water damage, follow the tips above to restore them and contact a restoration company as soon as possible.

When a property has been flooded, the large volume of water will quickly cause damage to many items at once. If your washing machine was exposed to flood water, you should ask a catering company to make sure it is safe to use it to restore your items. Some people make the mistake of keeping items that were damaged by water together in a drawer or bag, but this causes the colors to come together and prevents clothes from drying out. Instead, contact a catering company to clean and restore the most damaged clothing and make them wearable again. The first step should be to pick up the phone and call your insurance agent and report water damage.

If you can call by phone, call your insurance company and, if necessary, a flood and water damage restoration contractor. If you have questions about the condition of your items, ask a water damage restoration company to assess the damage.

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