Is Water Damage Serious? A Comprehensive Guide

Ignoring Water Damage can be dangerous. Learn how it affects different surfaces & areas & how professionals can help with repair & restoration.

Is Water Damage Serious? A Comprehensive Guide

Ignoring Water Damage can be dangerous. If you don't fix it as soon as possible, there's a chance it could cause electrical damage to your home and lead to disaster. Whether it's a leaking pipe or a flooded basement, the top priority is to identify the source and prevent further water from escaping. In fact, water damage can ruin your home faster than you think.

Within the first 24 hours after a leak or flood, mold, damage to floors, walls and electrical systems, and even structural problems can occur. That's why it's always best to quickly hire a water cleaning professional near you to consult and repair you. If water damage is not treated, it can cause serious structural problems to your home and create harmful health risks for you and your family. Water affects different surfaces and areas in unique ways that can help you identify water damage.

For example, water causes hardwood floors to swell and discoloration of walls and carpets. Carpets are extremely difficult to clean because fabric absorbs water and mold growth is common on carpet fibers. This cannot be removed with daily cleaning products and must be removed by a professional. Even minor cases of water damage can become much more serious if not handled properly.

Don't risk waiting to be addressed. Contact the experts at All Dry USA for professional help. We will assess your situation, resolve the issue at hand, and help you file an insurance claim, if applicable. Category 1 damage includes water from broken supply lines and pipes, as well as baths and sinks that have overflowed.

Please note that water damage resulting from lack of maintenance is not covered under a standard homeowner's insurance policy. It's a better idea to take care of any water damage right away before it has a chance to make things worse. After a flood or other water damage, be sure to call Jenkins Restorations to get your home—and your life—back to normal. Your property can suffer serious water damage if the structure is already weak, especially if you live in an area where major storms, hurricanes and other water-related disasters are prevalent.

Furniture may also need to be dried, cleaned, or disposed of depending on the level of water damage. If your house is not thoroughly cleaned and dried after the flood, water damage to your house will continue to spread. Your water damage restoration company can help you determine the extent of damage in places that are hard to see, such as inside your walls. Water damage can also come from sources inside the home, such as broken pipes, broken appliances, or a faulty plumbing system.

Common sources of leaks include rusted and corroded pipes, high water pressure, extreme temperatures, broken water connections and more. The best thing you can do in this situation is to have your property evaluated by a water damage restoration professional and recommend the next appropriate course of action. If you have discovered water damage in your home, you may be exposed to safety and health hazards that you are not aware of. Jenkins Restorations specializes in rebuilding and repairing properties damaged by wind, water, fire, storms, vandalism or theft.

However, if water damage is close to the switch box, appliances or electrical outlets, call an experienced professional to ensure safety. If the water is black, such as wastewater, anything that the water immediately touches becomes a potential biological hazard.

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