How To File Insurance Claim After Flood Damage Fort Myers FL

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How To File Insurance Claim After Flood Damage Fort Myers FL

How To File Insurance Claim After Flood Damage in Fort Myers FL

Many times, water damage happens due to natural disasters like floods or storms. When this occurs, your insurance company will send someone to assess the damages. This person is called an adjuster.

Your policy may already have provisions that cover flood & Hurricane losses, but what people usually do not know is how to file a claim for them. Sometimes they hire a Public Adjuster to negotiate with their insurance companies.

This can be very frustrating since most of these claims are tendered during the weeks after the disaster. During this time, many people begin to settle down and rebuild their homes or lives so filing a claim at that stage could be difficult if you do not know how.

Luckily we have some helpful information for you here! So let’s get started shall we? ????

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Also, remember that while you want to get the best possible deal for your home, you must stick up for your rights as an insured individual.

Be aware of all policies and see what each one covers before submitting a claim. Some companies will try to lowball you or put conditions on payments which hurt your ability to start rebuilding.

Notify the insurance company in Fort Myers of the flood damage as soon as possible

how to file insurance claim after flood damage

It is very important to notify your policyholder immediately after discovering flooding has occurred. You do not want to wait before informing them, as this may create more work for you!

Notifying an insurer can be done in one of two ways: through phone or via email.

If you happen to notice water coming from the windows or outside of the house, then use that as a clue to tell the insurance company.

You should also check the toilets, bathtubs, and sinks to make sure they are working and if there’s any trace of moisture inside of them.

Removing all valuables and belongings from affected areas will help determine whether or not the claim is denied due to lack of proof.

Take photos and make a note of the damage

how to file insurance claim after flood damage

Make sure to take as many pictures as possible, in as much detail as you can get! This will help prove what property or belongings were damaged and help you file your claim later.

Also include close-up pictures of areas like furniture or other items that got wet or are suspect. Take as many steps as possible to prevent any loss of evidence!

Reminder: If there is anyone else at home while claiming insurance, be aware of confidentiality laws. Only add people as witnesses if you’re legally allowed to do so.

And don’t forget to keep track of all paperwork using an organized system! All this information and notes will easily gather dust otherwise.

Create an inventory of the damaged items

how to file insurance claim after flood damage

The next step in filing your claim is to make a list of all the damage done. Take pictures, do not underestimate any part of the process!

Make sure to include both interior and exterior photos as well as close up pictures of each item.

It’s very important to be careful with exposure while taking these pictures so that you don’t accidentally cause more damage!

Keep in mind that most flood insurance policies have a limit of how much coverage you get for property loss. You will want to make sure to only file claims that are within this policy amount.

After completing this inventory, compare it to what was originally listed on your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy. If there is a difference, add the additional damages caused by the flooding to your policy.

Send the inventory to the insurance company

how to file insurance claim after flood damage

The next step in filing your flood claim is sending them an inventory of all of your flooded belongings. This includes taking pictures and writing down details about each item such as make, model, size, color, and whether it was damaged or destroyed.

You will also need to include information like receipts for repairs or replacements if possible. Having these documents ready will help prove how much money you have spent on your lost items.

After getting this info, some companies can even scan your things and upload the images onto their computer software so that you do not have to take time to do it yourself.

Write down the insurance company's contact information

how to file insurance claim after flood damage

It is very important to take some time after a flood to make sure everything is all right!You can do this by writing down all of the phone numbers, email addresses, and websites for your policy as well as the claims department at the place you know yours is assigned.

It may also be helpful to keep notes about what was done and what was not in order to file an incomplete claim. This way, you can add those items later.

After making sure that you have covered as much as possible, your next step should be to speak with an adjuster or member of the claims team.

They will probably ask you questions such as how many feet of water there were, if there are any belongings that could be saved, and if you want to submit a proof-of-loss statement.

A proof-of-loss statement is like proving someone was driving before they got pulled over for DUI.

Call the insurance company to follow up and see what needs to be done

how to file insurance claim after flood damage

It is very important to stay in touch with your policyholder after a claim!You should call or meet with them as soon as possible to make sure everything is okay and to confirm that they have received all of the necessary information.

It’s also important to verify that every item you listed on your claim form was included in the payment, even if you were told it was already paid for.

Trying to file an insurance claim can feel like a never-ending process, but this is normal when dealing with insurers. You will need to update your paperwork, check to see if there are any questions about items you list, and hope for the best.

Prepare to make a financial claim

how to file insurance claim after flood damage

If your house was totally destroyed in the flood, that is definitely a heartbreaking situation. However, with the right preparation and process, you can begin to address these losses.

One of the first steps in filing an insurance claim after a flooding disaster is to gather all relevant documents and information. These include proof of loss statements, receipts, bills, and test results.

You will also need to verify coverage by speaking with both your homeowner’s policy holder as well as your insurer. You may even want to speak with a Public Adjuster in Fort Myers who can guide you through the claims process. This way, everyone is on the same page.

When doing so, be sure to ask about discounts or rewards for being active with your insurance company and what services are available to you as a customer.

Write down your reasons for filing a claim

how to file insurance claim after flood damage

Even if you don’t feel like paying insurance premiums, it is still important to understand why it is necessary in order to retain control of your home and life.

It can be difficult to navigate the claims process when you have been directly hit by a loss, but it is crucial to stay calm and level-headed before going into negotiations with an insurer.

Filing a claim comes with its own set of stressors that are typically outside of your control, so it is essential to prepare yourself for this.

You will need to know what documents prove you as the owner of the property and how to handle confrontations with other claimants or their representatives.

In addition to that, there are legal fees related to submitting a proof of loss which most people do not factor in until they need them.

If you file a claim with your insurance company in Fort Myers Fl and are not happy with the loss adjuster and offered payout, then you might want to consider contacting a Public Adjuster Fort Myers

Intercoastal Public Adjusters of Fort Myers can assist you in dealing directly with insurance companies on your behalf and negotiating with them. 

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